Umami Sauce

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Cooked in an open kettle using traditional methods with Italian grape musts from the Milano region. Pairs well with dumplings and dim sum, or, use it as a tasty vinaigrette to bring out the best flavour in your salads and stir-frys.
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Made with Thai bird’s eye chilis dried under the Bangkok sun that provide a distinctive, gentle spiciness and a hint of fruitiness. Pair it with dumplings and dim sum, or, use it as a tasty vinaigrette to bring out the right amount of spiciness and flavour in your salads and stir-frys.
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Da Lat

Handcrafted with peanuts and spices for an incredible depth of flavour for your salad rolls, satay dishes, and noodle bowls. It's a savoury peanut dipping sauce for all your fresh vegetables, meats, and appetizers.
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A blend of Vietnamese flavours all in one bottle for your salads, summer rolls, marinade, dipping sauce, and just as is! Traditionally made from fermented Vietnamese anchovies out of the former city known as Saigon, this sauce has a delicate yet rich flavour. It is the epitome of umami. Saigon renders everything fresh, spontaneous, colourful, and lively in every noodle, rice, salad bowl, and spring rolls.
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Slow-simmered with fresh chilis using non-gmo Camelina oil, a source of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. It's a savoury gourmet oil for instant intense flavour. Great in any dish or appetizer to add a spicy umami kick to your palate.
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Where to get it

Asian Supermarket
642 13 St N, Lethbridge, AB

Bite Grocer & Eatery
1023 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB

Dollar Grocers
2210 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC

Lukes Drug Mart
112 4th St NE, Calgary, AB
3407 26th Ave SW, Calgary, AB

Umami Shop
814 4th Ave South, Lethbridge, AB

Okanagan Valley
Select specialty shops
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Cooking with Umami Sauce

Watch Patricia and Sven make butter chicken—with Milano!